Women and children’s rights protection work in Nanning receives high opinion


From April 10th to 12th, National Women’s Federation Rights Protection Seminar, organized by the Department of Rights and Interests of All-China Women’s Federation, was held by Guangxi Women’s Federation and Nanning Women’s Federation in Nanning. Themed as “Implementing the Spirit of the 19th CPC National Congress, Promoting the Solution of Major Problems in Women Rights Protection”, the Seminar focuses on carrying out reform in Women’s Federation, enhancing rights protection service in grassroots, researching and facing public opinion, and discussing key and difficult issues in women rights protection like how to protect women’s land rights and interests during rural collective property system reform.

On April 11th, members of the Seminar visited Xinzhu Community of Qingxiu District and the People’s Court of Jiangnan District, researching the grassroots Women’s Federation construction, reform in Women’s Federation and women and children’s rights protection. During the research, the representatives from Women’s Federation spoke highly of Nanning’s mode, in which Nanning positively exerts its connected effect, establish the platform for interaction, perfect the linking system, converge power, and create the women and children’s rights protection mode enjoying cooperation from multiple departments and public participation.

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