First issue of “Urban Credit Monitoring Monthly” of 2018 published and Nanning moves up five places in ranking


According to Nanning Municipal Development & Reform Commission, the first issue of “Urban Credit Monitoring Monthly” of 2018 was published recently. The comprehensive credit rating of Nanning City in the 36 provincial capitals, municipalities, and sub-provincial cities increased by 5 places from the previous period to No.26, with an overall credit index of 80.19.

At present, Nanning is carrying out a collection of models of good faith. The collected models include credible individuals, credible groups, and credible brands. Next, Nanning will take evaluation indicators of building a demonstration city in the national social credit system as its standards, continuously explore innovative ways of working, and accelerate the establishment and improvement of credit systems so as to further enhance the comprehensive credit rating of Nanning.

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