Supporting poor areas with technology to boost rural vitalization


In recent years, Nanning has continued to use technology to assist targeted poverty alleviation, adopting a series of measures such as the precise implementation of scientific and technological projects, the construction of a science and technology demonstration base, and the selection of scientific and technical commissioners, so that science and technology can greatly enhance the efficiency of poverty relief, and open up a farther and wider technology road for poor villages to become rich.

This year Nanning will actively promote the rural vitalization strategy, strengthen technological innovation of the “10+3” featured agricultural industry, the transformation and promotion of agricultural achievements and the construction of the service platform of science and technology, and build a high-yield, efficient, safe, ecological and high-quality technological innovation system to promote the benefit of poverty alleviation in the agricultural industry.

In 2018, Nanning plans to carry out about 40 agricultural science and technology projects to support the construction of 5 agricultural science and technology parks at the level of autonomous region, including those of ASEAN Economic and Technological Development Zone, Qingxiu District and Jiangnan District.

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