Nanning female nurse on "Chinese List of Good People" in March


On March 30th, the central civilization office issued the "Chinese List of Good People" in March 2018. 104 people were on the list of “good people, good faith, honesty, dedication, and filial piety”. Among them, Shi Shanshan, an ICU nurse in Nanning Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine, was elected "good Samaritan".

At 15:18 on January 9th this year, the Bus No. 609 in Nanning drove to Beihu Worker's New Village Station. At this moment, an old man suddenly collapsed and his head was against the ground. Sitting in the back row, Shi Shanshan immediately knelt down for the elderly to perform CPR until the bus arrived at the hospital.

The advanced deeds of Shi Shanshan were published by many media, such as CCTV 1, Beijing TV, Anhui TV, Guangxi News Channel, Nanning Evening News, and Nanning News Online. After a large number of posts on WeChat and QQ, a good repercussion was arisen in the whole society.

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