Guangxi to merge annual inspection and annual evaluation of freight vehicles


It is learned from the Transportation Department of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region that the department together with the Public Security Department and Quality and Technical Supervision Bureau of the region has released the circular on accelerating the reform on the inspection of freight vehicles issued by the Ministry of Transport recently.

The circular clearly states that the annual inspection (safety technology inspection) and annual evaluation (comprehensive performance inspection) of the freight vehicles will be merged, and the freight vehicles (exclusive of vehicles transporting dangerous goods) are allowed to go through inspection cities other than the ones where they were registered, by so doing to reduce the inspection cost.

In the past, the safety inspection projects of annual inspection and annual evaluation were basically the same, yet implemented by different departments, resulting in low efficiency, increased expenses and other problems. As per the circular, the safety technology inspection and comprehensive performance inspection will be implemented by "going on the inspection line once, being inspected once and charged once", with no repeated testing and charges.

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