China Mountain Bike Cycling League (Shanglin Section) to kick off


2018 China Mountain Bike Cycling League (Shanglin Section) will be held on March 24 and 25 in Shanglin County. By then, professional mountain bike teams and skillful amateur sports teams from all provinces and municipalities will gather together to provide cool and unique performance to the tourists.

The competition will be held in the pleasant Yunli Lake Scenic Area, a 3A scenic spot full of bloomed rapeseed flowers by then, thus the contestants and spectators can enjoy themselves in the natural scenery and at the same time enjoy the game. The 2018 China Mountain Bike Cycling League (Shanglin Section) will not only be a journey to popularize cycling, but also be a tour to enjoy the natural scenery and local customs of Shanglin eco-tourism.

During the competition, Shanglin County will also organize activities like tourism introduction and exhibition of specialty products for poverty alleviation, vigorously marketing Shanglin’s eco-tourism resources, and allowing the tourists not only to participate in health-keeping sports activity but also to experience the customs of Zhuang nationality, in this way to promote the further integration of “sports + tourism”, accelerate the development of tourism in the whole region, realize the goal of improving tourism through competition, boosting development through tourism, and accelerating poverty alleviation through development.

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