Li Keqiang attends Guangxi Delegation for deliberation


Li Keqiang, Member of Politburo Standing Committee and Premier of the State Council, attended the Guangxi Delegation at the first session of the 13th NPC to deliberate Reports on the Work of Government with the representatives on the morning of March 6.

Li Keqiang stressed that the development concept oriented to the people shall be adhered to. The primary purpose of promoting reform and development is to help the people live a better life. Governments at all levels should insist on utilizing more funds to protect and improve people’s livelihood. In particular, we must resolutely win the fight against poverty and focus on poverty-stricken areas, including increasing the supports on ethnic poor areas. We should pay more attention to industrial development, project arrangement and financial support where conditions permit, support the improvement of infrastructure and other conditions in underdeveloped areas, enhance the capability for self-development, and promote the balanced development between regions so as to provide the people living in these areas with a better life.

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