First academicians & experts workstation of Nanning health and family planning system established


On February 28, the Academicians & Experts Workstation of the Fourth People’s Hospital of Nanning was established. It is the 7th academicians and experts workstation in Nanning as well as the first one of Nanning health and family planning system and Guangxi health and family planning system.

With the help of the workstation, the Fourth People’s Hospital of Nanning will conduct technological cooperation and exchanges with the 302 Military Hospital of China and introduce the academician of Chinese Academy of Sciences, chief physician and director of Military Institute of Infectious Diseases, Wang Fusheng and his team. It will further improve clinical diagnosis and treatment of Nanning’s infectious diseases; increase the level of scientific research and teaching, so as to make a greater contribution to the prevention and control of the infectious diseases in Guangxi, southeast China and the countries and regions along the route of “Belt and Road” Initiative.

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