Nanning strengthens supervision on livestock trading market to prevent and control serious animal diseases


According to Administration for Industry & Commerce of Nanning, in order to secure the order and norms of Nanning’s livestock markets (including birds trading markets, livestock wholesale markets and farmers’ markets which sell livestock, and “the markets” for short), the industry and commerce departments will further standardize the management on the livestock trading markets and strengthen the prevention and control on serious animal diseases.

The Administration for Industry & Commerce of Nanning will strengthen the supervision and management on the markets and increase the connectivity of information and coordination with the relevant departments to make the proper implementation of all measures for market management, so as to prevent the spread of the virus of serious animal diseases via the markets. Meanwhile, exerting guidance on the branches of Administration for Industry & Commerce and the Quality and Technology Supervision Bureau in all counties (districts) and the Development Area, Nanning has drawn up plans of preventing and controlling the serious animal diseases and closing the markets in every jurisdiction. It will make sure the proper implementation of all prevention and control measures and investigate and treat the illegal deeds disturbing the market order in accordance with law.

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