Government executive officials of Nanning hold lecture on law learning


On February 23, Zhou Hongbo, mayor of Nanning, presided over a lecture on law learning for municipal government executive officials. In the lecture, they had an in-depth study of the idea of legal construction in reports of the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China and “Assessment Report of Government by Law in China (2017)”.

It had been stressed in the meeting that the idea of “problem-oriented” should be adhered to and close attention should be paid to the implementation of work. New breakthrough should be made in the weak link of government legislation, and institutionalization and normalization of government legislation should be ensured. Responsibility should be delegated to the right ones, and the leaders should improve their legal awareness and capabilities of law-based governance, law-based administration, and acting by law. The role of government legislatures should be fully played and the work of government legislation should be completely implemented.

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