Zhou Hongbo investigates fight against corruption in Long’an County


Zhou Hongbo, deputy secretary of Nanning municipal Party committee and the mayor, inspected and examined the conditions of the "Two Responsibilities" of fighting against corruption in Long’an County in 2017 and listened to opinions as well as had conversations with the leading leaders of Long’an County Party Committee and County Government on February 2.

Zhou Hongbo emphasized that we should always attach great importance to the work of fighting corruption, resolutely implement exercising full and rigorous governance over the Party, conscientiously fulfill the "Two Responsibilities" of fighting against corruption, and strive to create a favorable political environment and political ecology, promote the steady and healthy economic and social development in Long’an County, speed up the construction of "Four City Visions" for Nanning, set an example in Guangxi on construction of "Three Major Ecological Systems" and acceleration on the realization of "Two Constructions", and struggle to compose a new chapter of development and make greater contributions in the new era.

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