Du Wei visits and extends regards to scientific talent


On Feb. 5, Du Wei, Chairman of the CPPCC Nanning Committee, visited and extended regards to the outstanding scientific talent, Song Hainong, general manager of Guangxi Bossco Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd., sending him Spring Festival’s greetings and best wishes.

Song Hainong is a PHD in paper-making and pollution control engineering and among the 7th batch of Professional Talents in Nanning. Since his service in Bossco, he carries out technological research in effluent treatment, black and odorous water body treatment etc., leading his group towards multiple scientific achievements.

Du Wei thanks Song Hainong for his continuous contribution to Nanning’s social and economic development, encouraging him to exert more professional advantages and technological talents, especially to make scientific achievements in black and odorous water body treatment, and encouraging him to make new contributions in Nanning’s fighting against pollution and in building a good ecological and livable environment.

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