Wang Xiaodong visits and expresses regards to outstanding scientific talents


On February 1st, on behalf of the Party committees of the autonomous region and Nanning, Wang Xiaodong, member of the standing committee of the CPC Guangxi Committee and secretary of the CPC Nanning Committee, expressed his regards and sent New Year greetings to all the scientific talents, including Zhang Xinmin, chief technical expert, R&D director of Guangxi Alnan Aluminium Inc. and president of Guangxi Aerospace Aluminum Alloy Material Processing Research Institute as well as Wen Biaotang, president and general manager of Guangxi Jiejiarun Agriculture Technology Co., Ltd.

Wang Xiaodong pointed out that the performance of talent work should be improved. Departments at all levels should create an environment in which knowledge and talents are respected, focusing on innovation and entrepreneurship, to cultivate and bring in talents and facilitate economic and social development so as to provide enough talents to speed up the building of “Four City Visions” in the capital city, continuously create “Three Ecological Systems”, boost “Two Constructions” and start a new chapter for the development of Nanning in the new era.

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