TJ invests 6 billion yuan in Nanning


Nanning City signed a project investment agreement with Suzhou TJ Auto Science and Technology Development Co., Ltd. on February 5, 2018. Both sides will work together to build a new energy vehicle production base in Nanning, with a total investment of 6 billion yuan, settling a new energy vehicle and battery pack power system project in Nanning.

Wang Xiaodong, member of the standing committee of the CPC Guangxi Committee and secretary of the CPC Nanning Committee, Zhou Hongbo, mayor of Nanning City, and Shu Hua, director general of Nanning Municipal People's Congress, witnessed the signing ceremony. Zhu Huidong, deputy mayor of Nanning City, and Su Jianghua, chairman of the company, signed the agreement on behalf of each side.

The cooperation of the two sides and the establishment of the new energy vehicle production base will drive the gathering of automobile key parts and supporting production projects, and form an industry chain supporting advantages with Alnan Aluminium lnc. for new aluminum alloy material of vehicle body. By extending the new energy automobile industry chain and expanding the field of electronic information industry cooperation, Nanning will build the new energy automobile as its brand, so as to promote the development of advanced equipment manufacturing industry and realize the transformation and upgrading of the manufacturing industry of Nanning.

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