Reform underway in state-owned enterprises to improve layout and structure


Since 2017, Nanning has kept a close look at key areas and points to continuously promote the reform and improve the quality and benefits of state-owned enterprises.

According to the preliminary statistics, in 2017, enterprises supervised by Nanning State Asset Supervision and Administration Commission achieved a total revenue of 23.098 billion yuan and increased by 5.33% on a year-on-year basis; their profits reached 1.2715 billion yuan and increased by 17.88% on a year-on-year basis; the total state-owned assets reached 262.377 billion yuan and net assets totaled 89.617 billion yuan with the rate of value maintaining and increasing by 101.69%.

Nanning will stick to the strategy of lowering costs, increasing profits and improving quality and benefits. Nanning will also focus on the following work including optimizing capital structure, deepening reform of state-owned enterprises, improving governance structure and reforming supervision methods and reinforcing Party building, so as to deepen the reform of state-owned enterprises and open a new chapter in the fields of state-owned enterprises and state assets.

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