Processing trade of Nanning ushers in new development opportunities


Seaway-railway liner of China-Singapore South Channel enters normal operation.

It is learnt from the Department of Commerce of Guangxi that “Implementation Scheme on the Second Round of Processing Trade Doubling Program” was issued and implemented recently, which aims to accelerate the innovation and development of processing trade in Guangxi and to promote industrial upgrading. In future, Guangxi will focus on building Nanning-Qinzhou-Beihai Beibu Gulf Coastal Processing Trade Industrial Belt, which will bring in more new development opportunities for the processing trade industry in Nanning.

Next, Nanning will strive to develop its electronic information industry; open and intensify differentiated air logistics routes of Nanning Airport and Beihai Airport in line with actual demands, and increase flights between upstream and downstream product bases of processing trade industry chain, so as to promote development of international aviation logistics; and build a group of processing trade bases to create a fine hardware and software environment for processing trade industry.

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