Nanning carries out dust pollution control for protection of blue sky


In 2017, the "Beautiful Nanning · For a Clean, Smooth and Orderly City" Action adapted to the new era, new situation and new requirements, solving the default of the comprehensive treatment of the city according to the problems. Nanning Municipal Committee of CPC took the lead in the comprehensive treatment of the city and effectively boosted the settlement for difficult issues of dust pollution control. Thus the initial pattern of joint construction, governance and benefits of the comprehensive governance for the city was established.

Over the past year, Nanning has achieved effective results in the dust pollution control. The annual rate of good air quality reached 92.3%. The concentrations of PM 10 and PM 2.5 have been decreased by 9.7% and 2.8% respectively from last year. The city's integrated index of the air quality ranked sixth among all capital cities (including municipalities). Therefore, the "Nanning Blue" became the ecological fortune of Nanning people.

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