Second phase of Public Asset and Liability Management Intelligent Cloud Platform of Nanning launched


Wang Xiaodong, Member of the Standing Committee of the CPC Guangxi Committee and Secretary of Nanning Municipal Party Committee, Zhou Hongbo, Mayor of Nanning, Chen Xinying, Li Renjie and Huang Wenxiong, senior executives from Ping An Group and CQFAE, witnessed the launch of the second phase of the Platform.

The second phase of the Public Asset and Liability Management Intelligent Cloud Platform of Nanning was officially launched on January 3.

This is a significant action for Nanning to implement the spirits of the 19th CPC National Congress, to further enhance local governments' liability management and deepen reform on state-owned enterprises, and to explore the establishment of a corruption-free system and mechanism, which indicates that Nanning's city governance and state-owned asset supervision and management come to a new era.

The Communist Party Committee of Nanning and Nanning Municipal Government pay great attention to public asset and liability management and "Intelligent Nanning" development. The first phase of the Intelligent Cloud Platform jointly developed by Nanning and Ping An Group was successfully launched and operated in June, 2017, which realized the platform framework with “one system, one map and one report”, figured out the government's asset and liability situations, established a transparent financing service platform and initially developed a corruption-free system and mechanism.

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