Liusha Park completes 95% of construction


Landscape of Liusha Section on the north bank of Yongjiang River

As learned from the project developer—Nanning Communications Investment Group on Tuesday, Liusha Park, an important section of the Yongjiang River comprehensive improvement and development project, has completed 95% of the total construction. Before long, there will be another great place in Nanning to explore recreational activities, exercises, cultural experiences and ecological tourism.

The construction of Liusha Park is an epitome reflecting Nanning’s progress on the “Six Elevations” project — the upgrading of green city and the building of ecologically livable city. In 2017, Nanning practiced five development concepts and upheld the guidelines of “Water Control, Urban Construction and Benefiting People” to carry out the comprehensive improvement and development of Yongjiang River. At present, the 31 miles’ landscape belt on the banks of Yongjiang River begins to take form, and the good ecological environment has become a factor facilitating the improvement of people’s living standards and representing the beauty of Yongjiang River.

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