Guangxi Culture and Art Center completed



Guangxi Culture and Art Center

The completion ceremony of Guangxi Culture and Art Center was held on December 28th, which marking the formal inauguration of the first provincial level art palace in Guangxi, and a new landmark building in Nanning.

Guangxi Culture and Art Center is located on the bank of Yongjiang River in Nanning Wuxiang New District, facing Qingxiu Mountain across the river. It is composed of Culture and Art Center, Waterfront View and Supporting System. The gross floor area of this completed Culture and Art Center ranks No. 4 among the similar constructions in the country. The main construction content includes an 1800-seat Grand Theatre, a 1200-seat Music Hall and a 600-seat Multi-Function Hall. The land used for Waterfront View is 43 mu and mainly used for the construction of artificial landscape lake.

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