Gan Kewei posthumously awarded title of “Excellent Communist in Guangxi”


The Party Committee of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region decides to award Gan Kewei the title of “Excellent Communist in Guangxi” and carries out the learning activities in the whole region, so as to commend the advanced individuals, promote healthy tendencies and encourage the Party members and cadres in Guangxi to have a firm conviction, make unremitting efforts, work in a pioneering spirit and have a sense of dedication.

“Gan Kewei showed the dedication of a communist through his down-to-earth style and unselfish work,” said Huang Xiaojian, second-in-command of the No. 1 Squad of Drug Control Detachment of Nanning Municipal Public Security Bureau. Policemen of the Bureau also said they would continue to learn from Gan Kewei’s great spirit of hardworking and dedication and would be more spirited in their jobs.

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