Total mileage of Guangxi expressway opened to traffic exceeds 5,000 km


Mengjiang Bridge on Wuliu Expressway

On December 25, the Autonomous Regional Government held a press conference on the construction of Guangxi expressway in Nanning. According to the meeting, the total mileage of the expressway opened to traffic in the region would reach 5,259 km in 2017, with 98 counties (cities, districts) connected by expressway and the average rate of highway connection between counties reaching 88%, marking a step forward to the target of realizing expressway connection between all counties in the whole region, and a basic formation of a radial highway network with Nanning as the center. In addition, Guangxi is actively promoting the construction of a southward channel linking to ASEAN countries. Currently, it has planned a total of 4 connection points of expressway to Vietnam and other ASEAN countries.

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