Rural and urban areas to march on shoulder to shoulder in education


We will constantly increase the number and level of teachers so that students both in rural and urban areas can enjoy high-quality educational resources.

Recently, several districts and counties, including Jiangnan District (Economic and Technological Development Area involved), Yongning District, Liangqing District, Hengxian County and Shanglin County, have passed the certification of provincial-level departments on the work to support balanced development of compulsory education. By far, the number of passing districts and counties has reached 11, with a passing rate of 91.7%, achieving the goal of “making quality- education accessible to every door”.


In recent years, Nanning government attaches great importance to investing more in education development, improves teaching equipment, and builds brands through distinctive education, thus improving educational quality constantly. In addition, the government works hard on improving the professional skills of teachers, and building a solid foundation for balanced development of compulsory education.

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