Three technicians in Nanning awarded Guangxi Craftsman


According to the Guangxi Federation of Trade Unions, the result of “Chinese Dream and Beauty of Labor” educational activity (also known as the “Guangxi Craftsman”) which was jointly organized by Guangxi Federation of Trade Union, Industry and Information Technology Commission of Guangxi, Department of Science and Technology of Guangxi, Human Resources and Social Security of Guangxi and other departments had been unveiled on October 10. Ten people were awarded the title of Guangxi Craftsman, among which three come from Nanning.

The three award-winning technicians are the senior technician Wei Yuzhong from Guangxi Yemao Electromechanical Automation Co. Ltd, the paint sprayer and technician Lan Jiayang from Guangxi Organ Automotive Investment and Management Company and the electric locomotive driver and senior technician Li Guiping from Nanning Branch of Nanning Railway Bureau.

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