11th China (Zhengzhou) International Garden Expo opened


On September 29, the 11th China (Zhengzhou) International Garden Expo was opened in Zhengzhou City, He’nan Province. Nanning Mayor Zhou Hongbo led the Nanning delegation to attend the opening ceremony.

The Garden of Liao Songs built by Nanning for the Expo, with the theme of “Liao Songs of Zhuang Nationality” which is included in the second batch of national intangible cultural heritage list, and on the basis of the lyrics of Liao Songs and the scenes described in the songs, is divided into four landscape divisions, namely "Listening to the Songs", "Looking for the Songs", "Praising the Songs” and "Passing the Songs". With the use of traditional gardening techniques, the Garden shows the feature of bar-style architecture, a representation of the culture of Guangxi Zhuang Nationality, to the visitors with the Village Gate of Zhuang Nationality, Cloth Washing Pavilion and other buildings as the carriers. And in the Garden, sweet and clear Liao Songs offer a warm and cheerful atmosphere, fully demonstrating the characteristics and charm of Nanning, while it is also a prelude to the next session of Garden Expo, welcoming guests from all over the world to Nanning for the 12th China International Garden Expo next year, during which the guests can enjoy the sea of songs of Zhuang Nationality, share ecological results, and feel ASEAN style.

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