2017 China-ASEAN (Nanning) Drama Week opens


The opening ceremony of 2017 China-ASEAN (Nanning) Drama Week was held in Nanning People's Hall on the evening of September 6.

There will be 40 classic plays performed by 24 arts groups from home and abroad in the drama week. All foreign plays will make their debut in China, including the puppet show “Four Seasons” from National Puppet Troupe of Vietnam, the modern drama “Farewell at Twilight” from National Theater of Vietnam and the historical play “Lavo” from Thailand Lopburi Theater Academy.

In conjunction with China and ASEAN's extensive drama arts and intangible cultural heritage resources, the drama week will hold the opening ceremony of Southern School Cantonese Opera Exhibition Center, China-ASEAN Art Exhibition, China-ASEAN Film Exhibition and other exhibition activities; International Academic Seminar, China-ASEAN Art Institute (Theater) President Summit Forum and other academic activities; China-ASEAN Southern School Cantonese Opera Competition & the Second Hong School Cantonese Opera Contest and other events. As the grand finale, China-ASEAN (Nanning) Drama Week Gala, which is also the closing ceremony and awards night of the drama week, will be held on the water stage of the Minge Lake Square, Nanning on the evening of September 11.

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