Volunteers for 14th CAEXPO, 14th CABIS and Folk Song Festival attend inauguration ceremony


On September 3, the inauguration ceremony of the volunteers serving the 14th CAEXPO, the 14th CABIS and the Folk Song Festival was held in Guangxi Sports Center, marking the beginning of the volunteers’ services for the mentioned events.

On the occasion, around 800 volunteers swore solemn oaths. The loud and proud oaths showed the volunteers’ spirit of dedication, friendliness, mutual help and progress.

Nanning has recruited 4,115 volunteers in total by August 20, 1,352 of which will provide service during the 14th CAEXPO, the 14th CABIS and the Folk Song Festival. The relevant department will organize volunteers to provide information service, etc. from September 5 to September 20 in 21 public service stations of Chaoyang Square and other various places, as well as to guide traffic and pedestrians in 29 major crossroads and 4 subway stations.

Swearing Oaths

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