Nanning holds experience-sharing seminar on "Beautiful China" Project


On August 28, Nanning held the experience-sharing seminar on the "Beautiful China" Project (the Project for short), at which Feng Xuejun, Deputy Party Secretary of Nanning, communicated with those old and new volunteer teachers, learned their studies, works and lives, and listened to their opinions and suggestions on volunteer teaching in Nanning.

During the seminar, the Director of the "Beautiful China" Project introduced the project progress and achievements, and more than 10 volunteer teachers shared their volunteer teaching experience, and those new volunteer teacher representatives expressed their attitudes and made a statement.

Feng Xuejun highly appreciated the positive impacts that the Project had on promoting Nanning's education development and expressed his great respect and sincere thanks to volunteer teachers on behalf of the Nanning CCP and Nanning Municipal People's Government. It is said by Feng Xuejun that volunteer teaching was an important focus on "Poverty Alleviation by Knowledge", that the advent of volunteer teachers tempered Nanning's urgent demand for teachers in those poverty-stricken areas, introduced new concept for local development and set a good example for local cadres and villagers, and that in the future, Nanning would continuously support the "Beautiful China" Project as always and would provide the best conditions to promote the development on the "Beautiful China" Project in Nanning.

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