9th Guangxi Sports Festival launched


The opening ceremony of Nanning main venue of the 9th Guangxi Sports Festival co-hosted by the Autonomous Region and Nanning City was held on the Tonggu Square in Qing Xiu Shan Scenic Spot on August 8. At the same time, each county (district) also held its opening ceremony of sub-venue in the location of the local government.

The opening ceremony of Nanning main venue is composed of four parts, namely national fitness project show, opening ceremony, cycling race of "cheering the cycling tour of Guangxi and the riding carnival", and 2017 Guangxi fitness hiking activity of millions of people - "national fitness, healthy Guangxi".

The series activities of the ninth Guangxi Sports Festival will be held from August 8 to November 18, lasting for over three months. During the festival, Nanning City will hold 98 competitions, among which 29 are at national, regional and municipal level, 69 at county (district) level.

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