Accelerating project construction and establishing culture and tourism brand


On the afternoon of August 7, Nanning Mayor Zhou Hongbo visited Nanning-ASEAN Cultural Park, Sweet Osmanthus Garden, Sakura Garden and Bamboo Garden in Qing Xiu Shan Scenic Spot, reviewed the progress of project construction, coordinated and solved the problems and difficulties occurred during the acceleration of project construction.

The Nanning-ASEAN Culture and Tourism Project is building a modern cultural exposition park enriched in diverse and distinctive cultures, composed of ASEAN Cultural Exposition Park, Qing Xiu Shan ASEAN Cultural Center and other projects, with ASEAN countries’ cultures as creative bases, supported by commerce and using high-tech as means. The project is planned to be completed and opened to public before May 1, 2018, and strives to be qualified with reception ability during the China-ASEAN Expo this year.

Zhou Hongbo emphasized that the China-ASEAN Cultural Park should be built as a brand for promoting culture and tourism of Nanning, enriching the cultural connotation of Nanning City as well as promoting Nanning’s image. The construction period should be planned in an inverted order with the timeline of “Two Sessions” and the Cycling Tour of Guangxi (Nanning) — UCI World Tour, greening work of surrounding roads, side slopes and river banks should be accelerated, and regional transportation should be planned in advance so as to construct the Project as a window to display the image of Nanning City.

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