"Beautiful South" Rural Complex Project praised by experts


Recently, the State Agricultural Development Office held the centralized council on rural complex pilot projects of state comprehensive agricultural development. Nanning City made the report on behalf of Guangxi, introducing the basic information, main practices and expected achievements of the “Beautiful South” rural complex project through feature films, and answering experts’ questions through pictures. The report was highly praised by the attendees.

Next, Nanning City will improve the revised program and promote project constructions according to the experts’ comments, to form an overall development pattern of “one axis, two wings, three belts and eight areas”, of which the focus lies on improving 6 systems, namely agricultural production, agricultural industry, agricultural management, rural ecology, public service, operation and management, to build a rural complex integrating circular agriculture, creative agriculture and agricultural experience, and to create a national demonstration window and a platform for displaying modern characteristic agriculture to China-ASEAN.

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