Nanning to carry out comprehensive control on fire safety in high-rise buildings


The video and telephone meeting on comprehensive control on high-rise buildings fire safety of Nanning was held on August 1, 2017. The meeting pointed out that the whole city will carry out comprehensive control on fire safety in every high-rise building, aiming to completely eradicate fire disasters of great injuries and deaths.

Next, Nanning will organize related sectors and mobilize sub-district offices and local police stations of towns and townships to conduct comprehensive review on the quantity, scale and fire safety condition of high-rise buildings that have been put into use; to supervise and urge construction units to establish and improve the fire safety responsibility system of high-rise buildings that are under construction; and to clarify the fire control management responsibilities of construction unit and implement unit for high-rise buildings that are under partial construction, and to set up fire separation between construction area and other area, with special supervise personnel to be appointed.

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