Nanning City Park Regulations (Draft) to be submitted for preliminary examination


Nanning City Park Regulations (Draft) (the Regulations for short) was submitted for preliminary examination in the 6th meeting of the 14th NPC Nanning Standing Committee a few days ago. Members of the 14th NPC Nanning Standing Committee proposed to add building construction management and ecological environmental protection to the Regulations, such as “Establishing recreation club, top-grade restaurant and tea house that serve for the few privileged is prohibited” and “Discharging sewage into waters in park is prohibited”.

The members also pointed out that the management on household garbage (solid waste) in park should be strengthened, such as recycling and non-recycling household garbage in park should be collected and managed in line with different classifications; stacking branches, weeds and flowers that are from plant pruning on grassland is prohibited; and burning leaves and grasses in park is prohibited.

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