Nanning makes all-out efforts to construct top-ranking rural complex in Guangxi


The progress review meeting on rural complex pilot project construction was held in Nanning on August, 1, to carry out researches on and promote the construction of “Beautiful South” rural complex pilot project of Nanning, Guangxi”. Feng Xuejun, Deputy Secretary of the Nanning Municipal Committee, has attended the meeting.

Feng stresses that a rural complex can be an important carrier to integrate the three major industries and he points out that it is a demonstration project to which the Nanning Municipal Committee and municipal government have attached great importance and made all-out efforts. Relevant departments at all levels should reach a common understanding and raise awareness, as well as taking advantage of the important opportunity brought by the pilot project, so as to construct and develop “Beautiful South” into a top-ranking rural complex in Guangxi and in China.

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