First lesson of Nanning CPPCC Forum given


The first lesson of Nanning CPPCC Forum was given on July 26, in which Wang Ningxiang, Professor from Guangxi Communist Party School and Guangxi Administration College, was invited to give a lecture on Civil Servant's Image and Etiquette.

Professor Wang started with the connotations of etiquettes, emphasized the importance of civil servants' images and etiquettes, explained the communication arts and skills for official etiquettes in details, and introduced such profound etiquette standards in daily work as general manners, greetings, introductions, handshakes and dressings in simple language. Participants remarked that they had learned a lot after the lecture.

The Nanning CPPCC Forum, targeted on publicity of Communist Party's policies and guidelines, interpreting current social situations and enriching cultural lives of cadres and staff of Nanning CPPCC and CPPCC authorities; with the knowledge and skills welcomed by and acceptable to the mass as the teaching contents, focusing on information, interest and practicability and creating a learning atmosphere, so as to improve performance and ability of the cadre teams of Nanning CPPCC and CPPCC authorities.

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