Linked adjustment for the whole Nanning Subway Line 2 conducted


It is learned from the Operation Branch of Nanning Rail Transit Group that a 3-month linked adjustment will be conducted for the Subway Line 2 of Nanning from July 1.

The linked adjustment for the Subway Line 2 of Nanning with tight time schedules and heavy tasks would be focused on such two aspects as train equipments and station equipments.

In order to implement smoothly the linked adjustment for the Subway Line 2, the Operation Branch of Nanning Rail Transit Group took several steps. Firstly, the leader team on the linked adjustment was established to have an overall planning. Secondly, the outlines of linked adjustment with relevant detailed implementation regulations were drafted to clarify specific adjustment plans and technical standards for 36 sub-systems. Thirdly, four professional teams were established to organize linked adjustment staff and various mechanical units to make advanced preparations for debugging single equipment, single system and system interface of various equipments and systems.

The linked adjustment on the Subway Line 2 was planned to be finished around September 20, after which trial runs without any passengers would be conducted. After the trial runs, the Subway Line 2 would be under trial operations by the end of 2017 with accepted appraisals from relevant experts.

Technicians were conducting linked adjustment.

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