Huang Danian's advanced deeds move college teachers and students in Guangxi


On the afternoon of July 12, the report of Huang Danian’s advanced deeds was held at Guangxi University. This strategic scientist's touching deeds deeply moved the college teachers and students in his hometown.

Huang Danian, a famous geophysicist who studies assiduously and dares to bring forth new ideas, has made a series of major scientific and technological achievements, but unfortunately passed away on January 8 this year. Huang is a native in Nanning, Guangxi, and the folks in his hometown are proud of him. Thousands of teacher and student representatives from Guangxi University, Guangxi University for Nationalities and Guangxi Medical University came to the auditorium of Guangxi University to listen to the report of Huang’s advanced deeds.

Five members of the reporting delegation have reproduced the glorious and short life of Huang around the theme of “Chinese dream of the strategic scientist", "model of the time who studies overseas to serve the country", "keeping the greater self in heart, being sincere to serve the country".

President of Guangxi University Zhao Yueyu says that Guangxi University will, through the study of the advanced deeds of Huang Danian, encourage the staff and students of the university to establish correct value orientation, love jobs, dare to take responsibility, and integrate the pursuit of personal ideals into the cause of building socialism with Chinese characteristics to realize top-grade scientific and educational achievements, and make contributions worthy of the times.

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