Archive casting of first batch of undergraduate starts on July 13th


According to the admission schedule, the simulated archive casting of the first batch of undergraduate admitted by 2017 Guangxi regular institutions of higher learning was carried out from the afternoon of July 12th to the afternoon of the 13th. After the simulation, the archive casting will be officially started at 17:00 on July 13.

After all enrollment institutions in the batch confirm the archive casting ratio, as well as the enrollment plan is well adjusted, and the simulated archive casting comes to an end, the archive casting will be officially started. At that time, Guangxi Academy of Education Recruitment and Examination will disclose the minimum passing score for archive casting of the batch in the column of "general college entrance examination - admission information" in "notice and announcement" on its official website, and release it on its official WeChat account and weibo. Candidates are suggested to check their own dynamic admission information after seeing the passing score.

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