Nanning awarded one of most attractive cities for festival celebration


Recently, news from Oroqen Autonomous Banner of Hulun Buir League of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region has shown that Nanning has been awarded one of the Most Attractive Cities for Festival Celebration for its 18-year experience to hold Nanning International Folk Song Festival successfully. The award was presented on the 6th Chinese Ethnic Festival Summit and the award ceremony for 2017 Chinese Excellent Ethic Festival Celebrations.

The summit commenced in 2010 and has been held annually for the last 6 years. The 7th Campaigns of the summit have been organized since April this year, with more than 900 ethnic festivals participating in competition, which results in 49 winners for five awards, namely the Most Impressive Festival Characterized by National Customs, the Most Influential Ethnic Festival, the Most Innovative Ethnic Festival, the Most Attractive Ethnic Festival and Annual Excellent Person of Festival Celebration.

For years, Nanning International Folk Song Festival has been transformed and innovated for sustainable development, in line with ever-changing situation. Under the proper guidance of the municipal Party committee and the municipal government, it has very promising future.

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