Nanning conducts Summer Holiday Science Popularization Group Exhibition


On July 9, the Science Popularization Group Exhibition, in the name of Playing with Science Popularization and Having Joy in the Summer Holiday, which was jointly conducted by the members of the Association of Guangxi Nature Science Museum, was held in Guangxi Science and Technology Museum. From July 9 to late September, there would be more than 200 science popularization activities in Guangxi's 13 science popularization auditoriums, which would enrich the youth's lives in the summer holiday.

During the Group Exhibition, Guangxi Science and Technology Museum would hold three activities, namely Science Players and Playing with STEM, Science Popularization Show and High-tech Cinema. Furthermore, Guangxi Museum, Nanning Museum, Nanning Zoo and Nanning Underwater World would have various science popularization activities.

This Group Exhibition would integrate all advantageous resources and play an important role in promoting attention, focus and support from the society on the science popularization educations for the youth during the summer holidays.

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