Main Structure of Nanning Metro Line 3, Jinhu Square Station Completes Bottom Sealing


It is learned from Nanning Rail Transit Group that the main structure of Nanning Metro Line 3, Jinhu Square Station recently has seen its base sealed, laying a solid foundation for the following main structure building.

Jinhu Square Station is the fourteenth station of Nanning Metro Line 3, with a total length of 150 meters. The maximum depth of the excavation is 32 meters. It is the largest open-cut metro station at the deepest excavation of Metro Line 3.

As of now, the exterior-protected construction of the first-stage main building project of Metro Line 3 has completed 98% of construction; earth excavation has completed 90%; main structure has completed 83%; and shield zone has completed 29%. All the construction work is steadily advancing.

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