Nanning holds symposium to commemorate 98th anniversary of May 4th Movement for young people from all walks of life


The symposium for the commemoration of the 98th anniversary of May 4th Movement for the young from all walks of life of Nanning was held in the former site of the Communist Youth League of Nanning Prefectural Party Committee on May 3. On behalf of Nanning Municipal Party Committee, Feng Xuejun, the Deputy Secretary of Nanning Municipal Party Committee, extended the greetings and blessing to the young. Totally over 50 people like members of Nanning Youth Federation, young entrepreneur representatives and young student representatives attended this commemoration.

In the symposium, 12 youth representatives expressed their study attainment by keeping to the topic on “learning and implementing the important speech given by General Secretary in Guangxi and devoting oneself to Nanning's developments”, and shared their experiences concerning how to strive and develop themselves in their own fields based on their positions.

It is stressed by Feng Xuejun that currently Nanning is under the decisive period for building a comprehensive well-off society and is under the crucial stage to overcome difficulties for transformation and upgrading, and the youth should build up firm and ambitious ideal and faith, have the courage to undertake the historical missions and work together to fulfill the Chinese Dream.

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