Wuxiang New District sets up first administration system of “allowance of incomplete materials” in Guangxi


It is understood from Wuxiang New District management commission that the district will officially issue and implement the Regulations on Administration System of Allowance of Incomplete Materials for Government Affairs Service Items in Wuxiang New District (Regulation for short), among which the application range of “allowance of incomplete materials” will expand from administrative approval items to government affairs service items, creating a pioneer for administration system of “allowance of incomplete materials” in Nanning and Guangxi.

According to the Regulations, Wuxiang New District management commission will implement government affairs service items under the municipal administrative jurisdiction in the manner of “allowance of incomplete materials”. The government affairs service items include administrative approval items, administrative management items closely related to enterprises and the people on registration, confirmation, annual inspection, filing, review, affirmation, examination and approval, and preliminary evaluation, and other public service items.

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