Nanning City carries out "Year of Institutional Construction" in deep-going way


Recently, Nanning held a Special Work Conference on the “Year of Institutional Construction” for Urban Governance and the Evaluation Meeting for “Beautiful Nanning · Action on Clean, Unimpeded and Orderly Environment” from May to August 2018 to analyze the current comprehensive environmental management in urban areas, to find problems, and to discuss the future work.

The meeting stressed that the capital city Nanning’s doing a good job in the city appearance and environmental improvement is not only a project for the people but also an important political task. At present, the city is facing severe situation and bear great pressure in the prevention and control of air pollution. The departments at all levels should unify thoughts and improve stance, fully understand the importance of maintaining a good city appearance and environment, enhance the sense of responsibility and urgency, turn pressure into motivation, set focus on issues and work hard to do a good job in dust control and urban environment improvement.

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