Staff members of 12th Garden Expo take oath of duty


Recently, the opening ceremony of the 12th China (Nanning) International Garden Expo was counted down to 60 days and the commissioning and operation of the equipment and facilities of the Garden Expo Park was launched at the main entrance square of the East Gate of the Nanning Garden Expo Park. The exhibition guides, volunteers and customer service staff took the oath of duty.

According to Ruan Liangxi, a volunteer in Nanning Garden Expo Park, volunteer work has carried out early training, including basic service etiquette, general understanding of the park, introduction of scenic spots and route explanations, as well as handling methods for some emergencies. In addition, related services have been begun. So far, hundreds of volunteers have been recruited in the park. After the opening of the park, volunteers will be distributed at important nodes in various scenic spots to carry out services.

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