Actual effect seen in development of modern characteristic agriculture in Qiaoli Fruit and Vegetable Industrial Demonstration Zone


The Qiaoli Fruit and Vegetable Industrial Demonstration Zone in Mashan County, Nanning is emerging as a city-level modern characteristic agricultural demonstration zone. On the basis of developing the leading industry, Qiaoli Fruit and Vegetable Industrial Demonstration Zone also actively implements the construction of tourism projects in accordance with the concept of “Industrial Parks Change into Scenic Spots, Pastoral Scenes Change into Parks, Products Change into Gifts”, and intends to create a modern agro-ecological leisure tourism area integrating eco-agriculture, traditional culture and ethnic customs.

At the same time, the demonstration zone also digs deep into the cultural heritage of the Ming Dynasty’s Si’en House, protects and renovates the sites of Si’en House, Si’en Temple and other historic sites, and speeds up deep integration of agriculture and tourism by holding the “Monthly Ecotourism Festival” -- Qiaoli Mid-Autumn Si’en Gexu Festival, in which modern characteristic agriculture is rooted in the rich historical heritage of Qiaoli County. According to incomplete statistics, Mashan County has received 1.165 million domestic tourists this year, an increase of 23.66% over the same period of last year, through the construction of demonstration zones featuring “Integration of Agriculture and Tourism”.

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