Characteristic industry agglomerated, countryside rejuvenated


Recently, in the Namaliaoluo athletic health town, located in Chongtao Village, Nama Town, Liangqing District, Nanning, a project integrating leisure agriculture, rural tourism, leisure sports and other industries is being promoted in an orderly manner. The various facilities for serving tourists have been put into use. The construction of the project has injected new vitality into the development of Chongtao Village, which will bring about earth-shaking changes.

In the past two years, Liangqing District has vigorously promoted the construction of the “Three Belts”, making the “Three Belts” a demonstration zone covering the vast rural areas and leading the rural vitalization. Among them, the demonstration zone of the comprehensive industry of agriculture and tourism (with the Liangqing section of the north-south secondary road as the main axis) has a good industrial base. At present, there are 8 agricultural standardization planting bases or cooperatives that have been built and have begun to take shape. The development pattern of characteristic industries of “One Town, One Industry, One Village and One Product” has taken initial shape, characteristic industries have been continuously gathering, and the role of radiation has been continuously enhanced. The integration is more coordinated and the rural vitality is constantly increasing.

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