Docking activity of agricultural science and technology achievements held in Xixiangtang District of Nanning


Recently, Xixiangtang Agricultural Science and Technology Achievements Docking Activity, sponsored by Nanning Xixiangtang Science and Technology Bureau and undertaken by Guangxi Menggong Valley Science and Technology Co., Ltd., was held in Anji Wall Street Valley. All the participating enterprises with superior scientific and technological achievements have come up with their “Best Treasures” to display advanced agricultural scientific research achievements.

At present, Xixiangtang District has 28 joint science and enterprise workstations, and has made remarkable achievements in science and enterprise cooperation: the workstations have applied for 13 patents and 2 of them have been authorized, 1 scientific and technological project at autonomous regional level has been declared and completed, and 28 urban scientific and technological projects have been completed. Next, Xixiangtang District will fully absorb the outstanding achievements from the docking activity of agricultural science and technology achievements, continue to build a communication platform, and make every effort to promote the development of agricultural science and technology achievements in Xixiangtang District.

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