Enterprises and businessmen crowd into 15th CAEXPO and CABIS


The 15th China-ASEAN Expo and China-ASEAN Business and Investment Summit opened today in Nanning, Guangxi. By report, the highlight of the expo and summit is "Two Highs, Two Mores". The former represents high standard and high enthusiasm of Chinese and foreign enterprises, while the latter means more renowned enterprises and more professional visitors.

During this event, the overlapping rate of commodities of Chinese and foreign enterprises will reach 40% and that of investment and cooperation and services and trade will reach 84%. Meanwhile, a lot of renowned enterprises will be present, further enhancing the market attractiveness of China-ASEAN Expo. In addition, 8 ASEAN countries such as Cambodia and Indonesia have made a block booking. Countries outside the region have applied 43% more of booths than planned. 114 enterprises from 19 countries outside the "10+1" region yet in the "Belt and Road Initiative" such as Tanzania, Germany and Spain will also attend the event.

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