Assessment groups inspect urban environment improvement of Nanning


Recently, the Health Department of City Appearance and Environment of Nanning Health City Office joined hands with Nanning Urban and Rural Construction Committee, Nanning Urban Management Bureau, and other assessment groups to supervise and examine the urban environment improvement of all districts (development zones and scenic spots) of Nanning in July.

From the result of the inspection, the leaders of all districts (development zones and scenic spots) attach importance to urban environment improvement. They focus on weak links and actively take corrective measures. Most of the problems pointed out by the experts at national and autonomous regional level and Nanning Health City Office are addressed, which have improved the city appearance. However, there is still a gap between the health conditions of some districts and the standards of National Health City. Problems such as stacked debris and misplaced vehicles still exist, and toilet paper is not provided in some toilets of passenger stations.

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